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Credits & Thanks

Thanks to (dans un désordre le plus total) :
Kass, Manu Ducros, Seb BU, Morgan King, Royez Musik, GuiGui, Dave McManus (pour nos escapades sous-solesques 😀 ),USO, le Dropkick, l’Appart, Tartine, Anayanahanaya (^^), le Shamrock, le Blackdog, Alex & le Klub, le Floyd, Fanfan & Le Forum, le TGV…
All those who participated (Gia, Fab, Artamalien, Charlie, Steve, Hope….)

A great HELLO to the following bands : Porn, CSK, EPK, Memories of a Dead Man, Kamera Obscura, Sleazyz, Eternal Rest, We Are Darling, WASABI, Black Rain, Treatment, The Black Cover, Pire Mastaa, Fizz, The Wipes, Herrschaft, Shaârghot, Bak XIII, Icare Can Swim, Helix Pulsar, Band’Ankh, Ambassador 21, Loki Lonestar, Suicide Inside, Stever, Trash Heaven, Vigilante, Eko Lsa, Natchez, Mila Marina, Master Crow, Orlag….

Sorry if we forget someone !

Our families !!!

All musics by Under All
All tracks composed & written by Togk
Recorded at Freaked Studio
Artworks by Togk

Photographies by David, Cachou, Libellule d’Ambre, Citrouille volante, Felix…

Tattooes on Togk by GuiGui & Tony & Ace Kor (Santa Skin Art), Didier, James (Joker), Nionel, Jota (Void), Julien (Deluxe Tattoo), Indian’s Tattoo, Laurent & Tata (American Body Art), Antoine (De Plume en Aiguille), Max (Crippled’s Tattoo), Analuna (soon)…

Tattoes on Seit by Max (Crippled’s Tattoo), Fred (Arno), Julien (Deluxe Tattoo), Sido (Exuvie Tattoo)

Tattoes on Orus by Max (Crippled’s Tattoo)

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